Nádrž vodního díla Nechranice Bird Area

Special Protection Area Nádrž vodního díla Nechranice (Water Reservoir Nechranice) Bird Area

Size: 1191.4835 ha
Site code: CZ0421003
Altitude: 270 - 274 meters above sea level
Region: Usti Region
Coordinates: 50.359722N, 13.381944E
Longitude: E 13°22'55''
Latitude: N 50°21'35''

Special Protection Area Water Reservoir Nechranice (Nádrž vodního díla Nechranice) is situated in the north-western Bohemia on the west from the village of Nechranice between the cities of Kadaň and Žatec.

Bird area is protected because of the bean goose (Anser fabalis) and the gathering place for water birds.


Ptačí oblast Nádrž vodního díla Nechranice (next information in Czech language)


Demarcation of area (map works only in some browsers)


Sponsors: Svatební oznámení and Snubní prsteny